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Our hummus and tabouli is very popular and something special. It’s all made in our shop and follows a traditional recipe. George Gago, owner Flame House Charcoal Chicken.

"Flame House Charcoal Chicken has dinner and lunch covered, and you can eat-in or takeaway. And while George Gago and his team cook up a mean chicken, they also make tasty wraps, salads, BBQ skewers, burgers and chips. “We’ve also got the first charcoal kebab machine in Australia,” George said. Unlike the usual gas operated, upright kebab machine, charcoal kebabs are made on a sideways spit-style machine. “It’s a different taste to the usual kebab,” George said. “The meat has a wood-fired flavour which is really delicious.” While George has experience working in Charcoal Chicken shops, this is the first time he has owned his own business. “I’m really happy to have opened my first business here in Oran Park. I love the area and the feedback we’ve had so far has been really positive.”"

Store Hours *

  • Mon 9am - 5:00pm
  • Tue 9am - 5:00pm
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*Times may vary between stores


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